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Excuse my Snoring Zzzzz

Edging ever closer to little miss Monthly Meany, I am so so very tired.  I am finding myself having a hard time holding my tongue lately too, which is out of character for me.  I'm hoping this is one of those months where the surge of hormones makes me feel like Wonder Woman.
I am finding myself starting to wish about what's wrong with me.  I hope it's just underactive thyroid, that's easier to fix than an autoimmune disease.  It is ridiculous, but I know it is more about knowing what I can do to feel better.  And part of me is wondering what the heck I am waiting for.  My physical exam appointment is less than 3 weeks away and I find myself thinking, once I know what I have, then I'll really crack down and make some changes; I'll heal myself.  It make sense on some level in my head, the one that always plans a future date to make any big changes that require effort, but really, why would I delay feeling better if I can do some things to help now?
So this week…

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