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Food Without Shame

This whole business of not dieting has been interesting.  Here's some things I have taken note of:
I don't think about food nearly as much.  Sometimes my stomach will feel acidic and I'll realize that I am physically hungry and Oops!  I forgot to eat and it's been 4 hours.  Since I'm more "in the moment" when I'm eating I notice flavors more.  This has been detrimental to me in a few situations where something is too overpowering to want to continue eating it.  Too sweet, too salty, too bitter, etc.  My cravings, contrary to what I used to wish I could eat, are mostly for salty things or even my recent mouth-watering crave of sauerkraut.  Not having to be constantly concerned with sugars makes me crave it less altogether. I feel much more calm and have a greater sense of well-being because I'm not focusing on where I am falling short or planning for how I can be "better".  I;m not beating myself up over food.I am finding it easier to rea…

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