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Ahhhh! Time Off

Last week was the much-anticipated week off of work that I have been needing for months, and boy was that just what the doctor ordered!  Actually, it is the first time ever that I have had time off and felt like it lasted longer than it did.  I feel like I have been gone a month!  Maybe that's because so much happened! 
I built my first ever DIY project from Pinterest

I finally vamped up my boring patio
The kids and I spent a boatload of time at the pool and at a real beach:
And this past weekend I went to visit my mom and we talked geneology, visited the churches and graves of my ancestors.
My kids and I narrowly escaped one of the 11 tornadoes that hit our area on Wednesday (the nearest one was less than 20 miles from us and we got some wind damage to trees and rooftops but nothing serious).  We were in the pool when the tornado alarm went off right next to us.  I've never seen the wind like that and I hope I don't have to anymore.  My kids and I protected ourselves in…

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